Water Seed

Funkin the Capital FrInge Festival in DC

In prep for the 2014 Essence Festival we have been doing a lot of media promo.  Here’s some behind the scene shots of us on “The 504” with Sheba Turk.

Water Seed live on News with a Twist.  Essence Festival 2014.

Sorry we haven’t posted in a while.  We have really been busy.  Earlier this month we had a chance to debut at the Apollo theater.  The crazy thing about it is we SOLD OUT the show.  Crazy RIGHT!!!???!!!

We got an invite from Essence Magazine to shoot a little video performance.  The opportunity was amazing.

Wow we just wrapped up one our most successful tours to date.  Every city and town showed us love and support.  It looks like those years of hard work are finally paying off.  It’s just a testimony to sticking to your guns and not compromising who you are and what your message is.  We are grateful to be on this journey. 

- WS